Below is some history of the Drenai Nation. It basically tells the story from the books with bits added in where necessary. It will continue to be added to over time. Any bits missing or incorrect, mail me.


The Drenai King Orien abdicates and leaves the social circles. He becomes a seer and wanders the wilderness. His son Niallad becomes King of the Drenai and starts to seek peace. Part of his efforts include scaling down the army.

Vagrian forces start to invade Drenai, Niallad gathers his generals in order to make plans for the defence of the land.

Niallad is killed by the assassin Waylander and this allows the Vagrians to further invade Drenai and murder every Drenai they came across. Egal and Karnak hid away in the forests and Dros Purdol comes under siege.

Waylander travels to collect his payment from the Vagrian General Kaem, but is betrayed. He kills Kaem's only son and escapes. Kaem sends Brotherhood Knights after Waylander.

Drenan is beseiged by the Vagrians and every citizan is murdered. A huge trench is dug to hold the dead.

Waylander has his horse stolen and tracks the thieves. He kills the thieves and in the process rescues a Source Priest call Dardalion. As they travel, they also rescue some refugees, Danyal and three children.

Dardalion forms a group of warrior priests called the Thirty. He does this after injesting the Blood of Waylander the Slayer.

Waylander retrieved the armour of bronze and gave it to Egal, and Karnak went to the aid of Dros Purdol and allowed Egal to break out of the forest with his army and come to the aid of Dros Purdol. Waylander killed the Vagrian General Kaem and Karnak led the Drenai on a counter strike which defeated the Vagrians.

The royal family of Drenai who escape the Vagrian Wars do not return and Drenai becomes a republic.

Egal decided not to become leader of the Drenai and instead started to build a mighty fortress at Delnoch pass after a vision from Dardalion. Dardalion restarts the Thirty.

Five years after the victory over the Vagrians, Egal is murdered at Dros Delnoch and a civil war breaks out between the Drenai for power. Karnak leds one of the sides for power and bests the rebels in several battles.

Karnak wins the civil war and becomes the leader of the Drenai.

Waylander 2: In the Realm of the Wolf

Karnak's diplomatic stance is bad so he angers the Ventrians and they plan to invade. They capture Karnak and plan to kill him. Waylander saves him and Karnak is able to lead the Drenai on the attack against them.

Ventrians and defeats them at two major battles at Erekban and Lentrum. The Lentrian Battle King is killed at Erekban and put in a mass grave.

Two years after the Lentrian War, Waylander is killed. His head and crossbow are displayed at the Musium at Drenan with the inscription "Waylander the Slayer, the man who killed the King".

Three years later, Karnak is killed whilst leading a parade through Drenan. He is shot with the Weapon of Waylander by a woman with long dark hair. At his funeral, two thousand soldiers march behind the coffin. Karnak is hailed as the greatest of Drenai Heroes.

Hero in the Shadows


Druss Chronicles


The Legend of Deathwalker

Druss travels to Gothir and ends up punching the Drenai Fighting champion and breaks his jaw. As a result, Druss enters the fist fighting competition and gets to the final. His oponent, Gothir Champion Klay, comes to his rescue during a bar brawl but is shot in the back. Druss decides to travel to a Nadir shrine to get magical jewels, The Eyes of Alchazzar, to heal the dying Klay.

Gothir lancers under the command of Gargan, Lord of Larness, enter the Nadir Steppes with the intent of razing the Nadir shrine of Oshikai Demon-Bane and taking the Jewles contained within.

A young Nadir called Talisman travels to the Shrine of Oshikai to help defend it. He organises the defence and starts to rebuild the shrine.

On his journey through the Nadir Steppes with Sieben, Druss comes across a group of Notas Nadir. They are attacked by some Gothir lancers and flee into the mountains. Whilst in the mountains, Sieben discovers a cave where a body has been entombed. Sieben then frees the body of it's chains and magical bonds.

Druss arrives at the tomb to encounter Talisman leading the defenders of the shrine in its defence. Druss searches for the Jewels, but cannot find them. The Nadir shaman, Nosta Khan, performs some of his usual interfering.

Gargan and the Gothir Lancers arrive at the shrine and start to attack.

Druss, Talisman and Oshikai travel into the void to rescue Shul-sen, Oshikai's bride. They rescue her and Oshikai enters paradise. Shul-sen has to wander the void until she becomes ready to enter paradise.

The Gothir God-King is murdered by one of his guards and the Gothir people become free. The order to stop the attack on the shrine is dispatched to Gargan.

As the Gothir stand ready to attack, Shul-sen takes over control of Zhusai's body and summons lightning to destroy the Gothir army. Just after the lightning, the orders to stop the attack on the shrine arrive. Gargan has been killed by the lightning.

Druss and Sieben travel back to Gulgothir to treat the dying Klay with the Jewels. When they arrive, they find he has already died. Druss is shocked, Sieben treats all the other patents at the hospice.

Sieben returns the Jewels to Talisman.

Talisman destroys the Jewels and gives their magic back to the land. In the process, his eyes become purple. He then takes his adult name, Ulric of the Wolfshead.

The battle of Skeln Pass. The Drenai repel the Ventrian army whilst out numbered.

The Nadir are now powerful and smash the Gothir in several battles. The Nadir rule the north.


The Nadir begin to assemble their forces for an attack on the Drenai. The warden of the north, Earl Delnar, sends his daughter Virae to enlist help. She befriends Rek and contact the thirty. They agree to aid the defence. Druss the Legend also comes to the defence of the Drenai which is being held at Dros Delnoch. He brings with him 500 hundred archers lead by Bowman.

The Nadir attack the fortress and slowly take it, wall by wall. Most of the defenders die, Rek, the new earl of Dros Delnoch, looses his wife and Druss also dies. The Sathuli come to the aid of the Drenai and help defend the fortress.

Problems back in the heart of Nadir homeland, cause Ulric to put a time limit on his attack of Dros Delnoch. He ends the attack just as the Drenai line is broken.

Ulric returns to his homeland to quell the uprising. He swears to return to destroy the Drenai. He dies of a heart attack whiles on a campaign in the north. A civil war begins between the Nadir tribes.

The Drenai learn from the first Nadir war and Magnus Woundweaver forms a fighting force called the Dragon. They are the defenders of the Drenai.

A second Nadir attack comes 60 years later and is repelled by the dragon. The leaders of the two empires sue for piece and have their children marry. A son is born to the couple and is called Tenaka Khan. He is sent back to the Nadir when his father dies and lives there until he is 12 years old.

Twenty years after the end of the second Nadir Wars, Tenaka Khan is enrolled in the Dragon.

Tenaka Khan becomes a general in the Dragon and leads them well. He befriends a man called Ananais in the dragon. The dragon are disbanded and each of their members go their separate ways.

The new leader of the Drenai starts running the empire to ruin and creates some beasts called joinings. He calls for the reform of the Dragon and most of the old veterans of the Dragon go. They are betrayed and turned into joinings.

King Beyond the Gate

Tenaka Khan turns 40 and Beltzer, an old Dragon comrad, brings him the call for the reform of the Dragon 15 years after it was disbanded. Tenaka ignores it and decides to stay in Ventria. Tenaka's wife dies and afterwards he learns of the destruction of the Dragon. He swears to kill Ceska, and returns to Drenai. When Tenaka arrives at the abondoned Dragon camp, he befriends Renya, a joined woman.

Mass killing goes on throughout Drenai and a civil war starts. A small force of farmers barricade themselves into the Skoda Mountains and with the help of the Thirty and Tenaka Khan, they stave off the attack from the Drenai armed forces, the Legion.

Tenaka Khan leaves the Drenai and heads towards the Nadir. The new leader of the Nadir is chosen without a war and it is Tenaka Khan. He assembles the Nadir and goes off to help the threatened Drenai people and deposes the Drenai leader.

The Earl of Bronze returns and takes command of Dros Delnoch. Tenaka Khan says he would one day return and conquer the Drenai.

10 years later, Tenaka's wife dies and he invades the Drenai. The Earl of Bronze is killed on the final day of the battle. His son escapes and flees to Gothir. He becomes a soldier in the Gothir army.

The Nadir, under Tenaka, rule most of the main world and invade Gothir. Tenaka decides not to destroy the last defenders of a Gothir out post because one of them is the Earl of Bronze, his blood relative.

Tenaka is murdered by his son and Jungir takes over the rule of the Nadir.

Quest for Lost Heroes

Twin sons are born and they are split up. One becomes Khan of the Nadir and the other is raised by Chareos as his son.

The days of Blood and Fire.....No details of this period, only that a huge war is waged by the twins. The Thirty are all wiped out and no one is left to carry on the order.

The Drenai regain their Monarche and try to recover from the war of the twins.

Sencing the Drenai's frailty, the surrounding nations try to invade the Drenai. The army fight back and free the country. They continue to concour the surrounding nations.

The Ventrian Nation decides to concour the Drenai. They invade and win several decisive battles. The Drenai fight back and win a major battle at Dros Delnoch.

Winter Warriors

After many years of occupation, the Drenai decide to leave Ventria. The Drenai are betrayed by the Ventrians and the Drenai king is killed the army wiped out, only the Drenai veterans survive and battle to save the queen and her child.

They kill the demon who has instigated all the trouble and return the Drenai queen to the throne.