This site comes with a full spoiler warning, there is information in these pages which can give away key points of the saga. You have been warned...

Welcome to Drenai.com, the guide to the David Gemmell Drenai Saga. This site is aimed to be a reference point for anyone who reads the Saga and wants more information on it so they can better understand the books.

The saga is about the history of the Drenai Nation. Following various heroes throught the ages of history.

David Gemmell passed away in the summer of 2006 and has left a big hole in the hearts of many readers across the world. I've not picked up a Gemmell book since hearing the news, but I'm looking forward to reading the Drenai Saga from the beginning again soon, and will be updating this site as I go. My thoughts are with the Gemmell family.