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The Gap Between Waylander and Hero in the Shadows

It is quite interesting to think about the amount of time between the novels Waylander and Hero in the Shadows. If you think about the age of Waylander in the first novel, you will see that he must be about 40, knowing the gap between the books allows you to age him. My finding have lead me to conclude Waylander was about 70 when he appeared in Hero in the Shadows! Not a bad performance for an old man, hey?

This musing goes through my reasoning and thoughts about the number of years between Wyalander and Hero in the Shadows.

The first thing that needs to be looked into is the amount of time between Waylander and Waylander 2, this can be done by looking at the ages of Miriel in both novels.

From the book Waylander:-

At the start of chapter 2, the twin sisters Miriel and Krylla are told to be 7 years old. The time of the year that the book is set in is around spring time.

From the book Waylander 2:-

Miriel tells Senta that she is almost 18! Just after Senta arrives, as they are talking, end of chapter 7.

10 years have passed between the first two novels. I've yet to find any other linkage between the two novels, other than it must have been more than 5 years, as Danyal died 5 years ago, and also Angel visited them last when Miriel was about 9.

Putting a exact time on the gap can be done by looking at the time of year between the novels. Miriel is 7 in the spring in Waylander. However, she is 17 in the autumn of Waylander 2, and informs us that she is "almost" 18 next summer. That is about 3-4 months into her new year, and doing the maths on this, 9 1/2 years have passed since the beginnings of Waylander. As the novel Waylander is spread over about 6 months of time, we know that it would have been a full year since the start of Waylander that Waylander returned to pick-up Danyal and the children from Skarta. Miriel at this point would have been 8, going on to 9 in the summer. We also know that the last time Angel saw the Danyal and the children, Miriel was about 9. This would fit into the time line of Waylander and Danyal finding a place to live etc, and encountering Angel.

Now that we have estabilished and got several references to the gap between the first to novels, we need to look into the happenings between Waylander 2 and Hero in the Shadow.

From the Epilogue in Waylander 2:-

Five years after the seige of Kar-Barzac, Karnak was killed.

Eight years later, Skull bought by Matze-Chai. For a merchant who was living in Namib.


It says Aldania has been married to the dukeof Kydor for 22 years, It also mentions, somewhere else I think, that they got married after the vargrian wars had finished.

Matze said he last saw waylander 6 years ago when he bought the skull.

Waylander bought the lands of the Crescent 6 years ago from Aric.

Waylander has been seeing Lalitia for 2 years. He must have been in Kydor for some time then.

Waylander has been paying Aric's debts for 5 years.

In Hero in the Shadows, there are several inconsistancies in the book. However, I have only found 2 so far and they do not give enough evidence to say otherwise. I think that I am going to go with the evidence of the majority!

The nature of the facts that I have extracted from the book means that Waylander did infact arrive at the lands of Kydor about 6 years ago. This would have been the last time he saw Matze. Doing the maths on this one again, we can see that it is we can see that 13 years have passed since the end of Waylander 2 and Waylander moving to Kydor. As he has been in Kydor for 6 years, we can now say that there have been 19 years between the end of Waylander 2 and HITS.

Inbetween the start of Waylander and the start of HITS, we can now see that there have been 29 years that have passed. If we consider the fact that Aldania and the Duke of Kydor got married 22 years agao, we can see that there is a 7 year gap between this event and that of the start of Waylander. We know that Aldania was banished from Drenan after the war was finished. After this, she decided to marry the Duke. This 7 year gap can be explained by the time needed to end the war with the Vagrians and then the time after to sort everything out. The engagement could have lasted for several years and as such, the 7 year gap here is acceptable.

Now where in the novels does it mention the age of Waylander. We know that he was hunting his families killers for about 20 years, and before that he was in the army, stationsed at Dros Purdol. His best friend in the army was Gallen and he is 41 at the time of Waylander. It is probable to assume that the two soldiers were pretty much good friends because they were similar in age, because they were refered to as being like brothers. If we assume that Waylander is 41 at the time of Waylander, he is going to be around 70 during HITS.

More to come soon......